Fencing & Domestic Walls

Poor brickwork can seriously damage the structural integrity of a building. It is very important to find a well-established and well-trained company to handle all brickwork you are looking to complete. Here at RT Paving, we put our team through extensive training to make sure we can install the most durable domestic walls in Aldershot. We are also trained in installing fencing walls in Aldershot and surrounding areas. We only hire experienced and highly qualified professionals for our bricklaying team. It gives peace of mind to our clients and us. Rest assured, your property will be in good hands when you choose us.

Our bricklayers are familiar with and well-trained in both traditional and modern brickwork techniques. They can build brick walls in a variety of styles. We ensure to bring a high level of precision to every project we work on. We are also able to repair or replace damaged walls.


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