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RT paving is the leading patio paving Installation Company in Aldershot. We offer quality paving and patios installation services, which allow you and your family to enjoy your beautiful garden. Patios provide a great alternative to traditional lawns as they are easy to install and withstand the test of time. They are also easy and relatively cheaper to maintain. A massive bonus for choosing patios is that we can customise it entirely to suit your vision. It adds character and extra value to your home. We have various materials you can choose from, such as:

  • natural stones
  • Slabs
  • Tiles
  • Artificial stone
  • Porcelain tiles

Patio Paving Company Aldershot

With different styles, textures, shapes, and sizes to choose from, patios are popular among our clients. These patios are resistant to harsh weather and are less susceptible to damage. However, if damage does occur, they are easily replaceable. Choose us as the number one company for patio paving in Aldershot.


Our patio paving company in Aldershot also offers quality patio installation services. We guarantee the use of high-quality materials because we believe in quality workmanship and have always built our business on trust. It is key for us to ensure that your patio project is done following the highest standards available. We have partnerships with leading material suppliers and imported stone brands, offering competitive and affordable prices. Check our portfolio to see the fantastic designs we have created and our beautiful completed projects.

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